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It’s Answer Time!!

Hey Amazing readers! Welcome or welcome back to my blog! I hope you’re good.

So not long back, I created a google form through which you can ask me any questions, so some of my fellow bloggers did ask me quite interesting questions and in today’s post I’ll be answering them! So let’s begin!

Gelina @Day in and out with Gelina

  1. Do you have any pets? No, but I really want one, most probably a dog!
  2. When did you start your blog? I started my blog back in 2021 and my first blog post was on 18th October, last year.
  3. Why did you start your blog? To find escapism from my everyday boring life because like others I was also locked up in my house during the lockdown and had nothing to do so I decided to start blogging.
  4. Do you have siblings? Yes, a younger brother, he’s 7 now!
  5. Favorite colour? Although I like all the colours but still I’ll go with black!
  6. Favorite book series? Harry Potter!
  7. Favorite movie? umm… Idk! there are so many!

Aayushi @Ash Radiance

  1. Your favorite hobby? Blogging and also painting….and does sleeping count!?
  2. The last thought you had on your mind? umm… I was thinking about chocolate ice cream…lol!
  3. How you decided that you want to be a doctor? So when I was in 6th grade and I read my biology book for the first time, that was the time when I felt that I want to be a doctor and with time this feeling became more and more strong and also because I really want to help people bring a smile on their faces!
  4. What was your last message and to whom? My last message was to my best friend asking her about some good poetry topics to write about.

Shansita @Wickedly woop

  1. What’s your favorite web series? Idk! I don’t watch a lot of web series so…I seriously don’t know!
  2. If you are granted three wishes what would you ask for ? First, I would definitely ask for my friend and family’s happiness, secondly, I would ask for my dream to get fulfilled and third maybe to save me from my board exams!
  3. What’s your favourite spot in your house? Terrace…coz there are so many small plants most probably rose plants and I really love roses a lot! So there I get to experience so much peace and contentment!

Ethical writing @Psycho writer

  1. What if you cant achieve what you want? Then without losing hope or without wasting time I’ll try my luck on something else, and work hard for it.
  2. Do you have any back up plan? Ummm…yea!
  3. Would you share it with us? Yes, I would start trying my luck on something else and will start looking for a job and all.
  4. And how do you make yourself keep going on days when you feel low and didn’t want to work? I try to motivate myself remembering all those happy moments of my life and all the lovely people I have in my life, sometimes I provide myself with the time that it needs, coz it’s okay if sometimes we don’t feel like doing something, if your body needs time then it’s okay. And also I read those lovely comments on my posts which really cheers me up!

So these were all the questions that I got and thank you so much guys for asking me these amazing questions. I really had so much fun answering them.

And for those who haven’t filled the form but want, they can still fill it up and we can do a part 2! click here to know more and fill out the form.

Until the next post❤️



23 thoughts on “It’s Answer Time!!”

  1. All the very best for your boards candy and don’t just stress so much about it!✨

    Ah same pinch!! I love my terrace too, not because it has plants but because I get to click some damn good pictures 😜

    And yeah! Loved reading all your answers💖 Great post!!!

    Liked by 1 person

  2. ooh chocolate ice cream! that’s an awesome thought haha 😍👏
    i wish we had a terrace at our house! that sounds so relaxing and peaceful 💚
    epic answers!

    Liked by 1 person

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